Pastors and first lady’s picture and short biography

Rev. Dr. Emmanuel St.Juste (Ph.D), a native of Hinche, HAITI, is a graduate of Baptist Theological Seminary of Haiti, now north Haiti Christian University, Covington Theological Seminary, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is well known for his preaching and his teaching. He taught Church History, Homiletics and Exegesis at BOYCE BIBLE COLLEGE for 25 years from January 1987 to December 2011. He has been Pastor of the French Speaking Baptist Church of Stamford for 41 years, his wife being by his side . He has planted churches in Norwalk, Bridgeport, Stratford, New Haven, Waterbury, Danbury (CT), White Plains, New Winsor, Brooklyn (NY), Tampa (FL), Paris (France). He is the President of the French Speaking Baptist Church Association, a fellowship of the planted churches in CT and NY. He is the founder and Chairman of the board of CENTER OF HOPE, HAITI, a high class philanthropic Institution that is taking care of the poor, orphaned and disadvantaged children of Haiti, located in Hinche, his native Hometown. He is also The founder and President of the HOPE EVANGELICAL BAPTIST MISSION OF HAITI made of 14strong churches so far and several chapels in West, Southeast and Central Plateau. He and his wife have been married for 43 years. They have 5 children and three grandchildren.

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